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An Evening with Cold Porter


March 2

7:30 pm

     Keith Fields and Lady Sarah bring their distinctly British sense of humour to every show. This show features amazing magic, hilarious comedy, and a delectable insight into the life of two very un-ordinary people. They will have you rolling in the aisles with their quick wit and then gasping with amazement at their increcible illusions.

     This is so much more than a magic show and so much more than a comedy show-- it is a high energy rollercoaster ride of fun and excitement from beginning to end. Keith Fields is a world champion magician and headline comedian.  Lady Sarah is a real English lady with a penchant for shoes, doing her best to keep everything in some semblance of control!  And if everything turns to custard, they are British, so they will make a cup of tea and we can all have some  crumpets!