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The Juggernaut Jug Band

 What do you get when you blend jazz, blues ragtime, swing and original music with washboards, washtubs, kazoos, jugs and various other sundry hardware?  Nothing less than the strange concoction called the JUGGERNAUT JUG BAND. 

The band consists of Frankie, Slim chance, Roscoe Goose, and Jug Band Jimmy and while all of the band members are accomplished musicians, "They don't let virtuosity get in the way of having fun," says the Washington Post.


Each performance is a challenge to the audience to have as much fun as the band. don't let their antics fool you though. Their exuberant music is the result of skillfully conceived arrangements and unique vocal harmonies. 


Saturday November 12


Tickets $12.00 




Live! In The House Concert Series 2016-2017

We are pleased to announce the ninth annual “Live in the House Concert Series” to be presented in the historic Pemberville Opera House.  Nine shows are scheduled to take place on the first Saturday** of each month September through May.

Live entertainment is just a walk away!

This is your last opportunity to buy season tickets for this series. With two shows down, season tickets are available for the low price of only $70.00 or you may purchase individual tickets for the shows of your choosing for only $12.00 per show.




** (second Saturday)  November 12, The Juggernaut Jug Band  What do you get when you blend jazz, blues ragtime, swing and original music with washboards, washtubs, kazoos, jugs and various other sundry hardware? Nothing less than the strange concoction called the JUGGERNAUT JUG BAND.

December 3, Matt Watroba and Robert Jones    American Roots Music (Folk, Blues, Spirituals, Work Songs, Chants, etc.) as the music that matters.  This is the music that America and that the world has in common, that reflects history, social change, migration, hopes and dreams. 

January 7, Silent Movie Night Once again featuring Lynne Long on the piano, don’t miss this wonderful evening of an old fashioned night at the movies!


February 4, Saline Fiddlers Philharmonic   America’s premier youth fiddling show band present an energetic and polished show that features a diverse range of music from American folk, fiddle, bluegrass, jazz, western swing, and Celtic traditions


March 4, Dodworth Saxhorn Band is America's Premier 19th Century Brass Band recreating the music and atmosphere of a 19th Century community brass band.


April 1, Christine Lavin   Leave your worries at the doorstep and join Christine Lavin she presents a night of comedy unlike any other presenting her unique brand of clean and hilarious musical comedy to audiences across the US.

May 6, Wild Carrot   "…a whirlwind of Roots music forms, touching on Bluegrass, Country, swinging Jazz, Contemporary Folk and Celtic music ...with a consistently masterful grace (and) flawless harmonies.”





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Thank you for helping!! 




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This gem of a theatre, built in 1891 is located

 in the heart of the Village of Pemberville.
 The Opera House has been lovingly
restored and is now operated by the
 Pemberville Freedom Area Historical Society.

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